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Karelian will pay EUR150,000 to acquire the permit over the Lahtojoki diamond project in Finland's Kaavi region. This will include EUR50,000 upfront and EUR100,000 after two years unless Karelian decides against developing the project. A further ...
JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar, arrested on charges of sedition, being produced at Patiala House courts in New Delhi on Wednesday (Photo: AP). Black coats? Yeesh! Khadi? Khakhi? Kaavi? Nobody but nobody in any of these comes out looking good.
Black coats, khadi, khakhi, <b>kaavi</b>, In our politics, men maketh the cloaks
Kaavin Keskustan rivit kutistuivat jälleen yhdellä päättäjällä, kun varavaltuutettu Teijo Hassinen ilmoitti valtuustolle eroavansa ryhmästä ja liittyvänsä Rakentava Kaavi -ryhmään. Liittymisestään ilmoitti myös valtuutettu Harri Saario, joka erosi ...
Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, on the side lines of her ongoing exhibition 'Kaveenayana' at the Prasad Art Gallery in Mangaluru, she said, "This 16th century art form was once part of every household. Kaavi Kale is a traditional art form that is ...
Artist seeks public opinion to revive <b>Kaavi</b> Kale
Kaavi Kale, a traditional art form of the Saraswats of Goa and coastal Karnataka, is up for exhibition in Mangaluru from January 8 to January 12. Kaavi Kale artist Veena Srinivas, a resident of Mangaluru, is putting up the exhibition at Prasad Art ...
<b>Kaavi</b> Kale exhibition from tomorrow
"A few specimens of Kaavi art, a unique form of painting once popular in temples in the these areas, can still be seen in parts of Goa, but renovation and reconstruction of these temples spell doom for the fast-disappearing art form and it is ...
Artist vows to rejuvenate ancient art form of <b>Kaavi</b> Kale
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